chilai kalan and frozen wishes

chilai kalan and frozen wishes

dragging myself towards
a blurred window pane.
i wipe its tears.
its broken glass pane.
a broken winter i see too.

the outside world forms.
an overcast sky so blue.
motion of life slow like.
droplets dripping from those
icicles i’ve smashed too.

its a frozen winter
and i’m frozen too.
but for the rest its not.
why can they not see it too?

i hear less chirping birds.
i hear no loud cries-wild.
the trees like statues.
do not rustle with the wind.

all wish for snow
course i do too.
but our wishes stuck here-
frozen they stand somehow.
the chilai kalan seems lost
somewhere among the hills.
i hope you wish for it too.


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