unequal humans

unequal humans

the stomachs of poor screaming for grains of rice
the longings for home of refugees daring through the seas
the identity of humanity no longer an outcome of scientific evolution
but of state politics; of our different shades of skins, of our religious beliefs
how did life become an equation of differences?

the violence that rules our streets
sometimes roams wearing state sponsored uniforms
sometimes born out of hopelessness drowning our lives
at every corner the word help transforms into harm
sometimes we sabotage our own peace
because our hearts are coloured in prejudices

gender power games played behind closed doors
a woman caresses her bruises thinking
she must forgive her husband for this
because he is the father of their child
more bruises tattoo her life
and like acid, her tears corrode her inked skin

we don’t stop here and drag our children in
an unwanted touch marring their innocence
a hand raised in discipline results in the murder of their childhood dreams
their eyes that should reflect the wonder of our universe
turn into abysses of soulless humanity

social issues are an uncomfortable exploration
by being silent, we trade our consciousness for accepting such atrocities
no matter where a distasteful event occurs, it’s an aggregated demise of our humanity
a wave of change must not silently unfold, rather it should rise like a storm
and don’t be afraid if it knocks on your household door, be brave an let it in

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