i know. i shall be remembered
said one of my failure
silently. to another.

and. i stood there watching.
saw my struggles break down
one by one.

my life used to be balanced.
i used to win.
i used to fail.

but now
i cannot hold on to my ground
i cannot.

my failure weighs more.

i hardly can hold my breath
but isn’t is okay to fail?
i want to ask.

but they have told me already.
it’s a shame. its a shame.
to lose.

and it anchors me.
this sudden feeling of

i’m still here though.

but how much do i’ve to lose
to know how much i must need
to succeed?

for i haven’t won.
and have ended up blotting a failure
onto my skin.

i want someone to tell me
it isn’t a shame. it isn’t a sin
to fail.

i just want someone to tell me
what i know already. that.
to win. i should trust my failures.

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