Escaping The Reality

Escaping The Reality

Today, I tried escaping the reality.

The day was dull,
and I wore dull too.
It began at the division,
where I should have taken right—
gone through the rough road
met the happy end—
but I took left,
and surrendered to pain.

This road was decorated with illusions
and I ended up boarding one of its plane.
I took it all with me,
that I should have detatched long back—
dragged all my sorrows,
destroyed past’s, failed today’s,
lifeless faith, unwanted emotions,
and to be a failed tomorrow’s.
I dragged everything in

But this plane has no windows
no exits either!
And hours on,
we’re flying towards nowhere.
All the things I dragged in
crawl onto my skin,
onto my soul.

I cannot bear it.
I cannot!
Listen. Somebody?
Come rescuse me,
tell me it’s not late.
Tell me,
I still can take the right
onto the rough road.
Ask the pilot to stop.
I want to go back to reality again
I want to jump off
this plane, end this pain!


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