You don’t let her grow.
But she, she is a cosmos.
A wildflower- a universe.
She is, a woman
and blooms through all your storms.
You try to pluck her out with your words,
and jab her roots with your manliness,
but she leaves a scent behind.
It’s a fragrance you cannot get rid of,
a trail of compassion, no strength can shake.

Tell you, Dear Man,
She’s the womb, you breathed in ,
and so shall she be for your children.
The companion of your storms
and a healer of your soul.
Tell me.
Don’t you run into your mother’s lap when you fear,
that world will suck your marrow — peace.
Isn’t it a woman
who could trespass your ego,
and stay there till years.
How can you snatch someone of the grace
that Creator gifted her with?
She is Wisest Of all MEN
She grows, expands universe in her eyes,
Let her grow, for she knows else,
how to out grow!

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